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Partnering with world recognized battery material and equipment manufacturers, our engineers work closely with new technology clients who have high expectations to improve their products.


Lighter and Smaller 

Zeptor's 3D CNF forest enables a use of high-capacity anode active materials in batteries by mitigating the downsides of those aggressive materials.  Higher energy density means batteries can be both lighter and smaller.


Higher Power Density

The 3D CNF forest within the electrodes makes it possible to carry more current without sacrificing energy.  Power hungry applications like drones, power tools, and PHEVs would be benefited from not only longer operation but also higher power.


Zeptor's electrodes have superior thermal conductivity since the CNF has 10x more thermal conductivity than copper.  This benefit means more effective heat removal from the battery and better temperature monitoring for fail-safe systems.

Quicker Charge

The electron path by the CNF, potential voltage of Si and high thermal conductivity enable the quicker charge.  The charging time can be reduced from hours to minutes.

Mechanical Strength

The CNF-metal composite greatly improves the durability of electrode without sacrificing flexibility.  This structure also promotes strong adhesion of the active material.  This promotes longer battery life and enables flexible cell design.

Cost Competitive

Zeptor has built its platform on a high-speed, roll-to-roll process that does not require neither vacuum nor high temperature.  The result is a drop-in product that will seemly integrate with the existing high-volume manufacturing eco-system.