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Advisory Board

Safi Qureshey

Best known as a Founder and CEO of AST Research, a Fortune 500 public company.  Previously, Safi was a member of the transition committee of the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a former member of President Clinton’s Export Council.

Arif Maskatia

Former CTO of Acer Group.  He is an industry-recognized fellow who developed the first IBM compatible PC in 1983. 

Gao Liu

Dr. Gao Liu is a Group Lead of the Applied Energy Materials group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).  His current research focuses on lithium battery R&D.  He has been leading multiple DOE and private funded projects in developing conductive binders and applying lithium metal to improve battery performance.

Jim Wong

Jim is a former president of Acer Inc. and led global operation.  Prior to this, he served for ten years as president of the IT products global operations, overseeing the complete product lifecycle starting from R&D, design, marketing to logistic fulfillment and customer services.

Kakutaro Kitashiro

Kakutaro was a president and chief executive officer, and later, general manager of IBM Japan in 1993, following which he became general manager of IBM Asia Pacific in 1999.

Jeff Erhardt

He was a CEO at Wise.io which provides applications that allow business users to apply the power of self learning systems.  The company was acquired by GE. 

Steven Liew

He was Associate General Counsel & Head of Government Relations, Asia Pacific at eBay Inc. and dealt with financial regulations in Asian countries.  National University of Singapore majored in law. 

Yi Hyon Paik

He was a president and Chief Strategy Officer of Samsung SDI which is the No.1 battery manufacturer in the world.  Before that he was a VP at Dow Chemical.

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