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Zeptor’s team has extensive experiences in nano-scale processing with proven expertise in bringing new technologies from a design phase

Management Team

Tatsunori Suzuki

Co-Founder, CEO

Prior to founding Zeptor, Suzuki led the Micro Fuel Cell research project at Intel Corporation.  His passion for that project led directly to the formation of Zeptor.  Prior to join Intel, Suzuki worked on engine management systems for the automobile industry including the development of a Formula-1 racing engine.  From there he branched out into EV research.  His goal is to guide the world into a regime of economic and environmental sustainability.

Mikito Nagata Ph.D.

Director, Battery R&D

With 20 years experience in battery R&D including at Tesla Motors and Quallion LLC, Mikito acquired technical leadership and program management in multidisciplinary team environment.  He has a proven knowledge of material synthesis, material manufacturing, cell and battery design, manufacturing process, testing and analysis, failure mode analysis, qualification for lithium primary and lithium batteries.

Richard Fraga

Engineering manager

He was an Engineering manager at Intel Corporation and established multiple advanced electroplating systems for mass production.  He is in electroplating engineering for over 20 years. 

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