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Anode for 100% SiO LiB

For years, researchers around the world have struggled to implement silicon as a replacement for graphite as the active material in the anode of Li-ion batteries.  Although capable of achieving 10x more gravimetric capacity than graphite, silicon suffers 400% expansion when fully lithiated which has a negative effect on cycle life.  Zeptor's patented 3D current collector addresses the expansion issue (as well as other problems) in a cost-effective manner that is compatible with existing industry.  Using this collector, our cells have achieved a volumetric energy density of 800 Wh/L.  Additionally, because of the 3D collector’s increased surface area, ionic channels are maintained and current is distributed throughout the volume of the anode.  These factors enable quick charging capabilities for the batteries. 

Anode for Li-metal batteries

Cells that use Li-metal as an anode material predate Li-ion and have an even more potential for high-energy density.  Unfortunately safety has famously been a concern because of electrical shorting caused by dendrite growth.  By directly lithiating our 3D current collector, Zeptor can produce Li-metal cells that reduce the potential for runaway dendrite growth via electrostatic competition.  These cells have shown over 400 Wh/kg gravimetric energy density.